Private Sessions

private-yoga-brooklynWhether you are brand new to yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, private or small group sessions are an excellent way to learn the basics, refine and deepen your practice. Classes are designed to specifically address the needs of the student and are a great way to learn more about healing both physical and emotional injuries. Denise has experience working with students of all levels and needs, including people suffering from anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, herniated disks, and shoulder and knee injuries.

Denise offers private yoga sessions as well as “combination sessions” which involve yoga and cranial sacral therapy.

Private sessions are held either in the student’s home or at a yoga studio. You will need a yoga mat, 2 blocks, and a strap to start. 



private-yoga-brooklynPrenatal Yoga is essential in preparing the body for birth. In private classes, you will learn poses that target the muscles groups needed during labor and also poses to avoid during this time. Most importantly, you will practice breathing techniques that are calming and nourishing to both you and your baby.



Contact Denise for rates and availability.



Denise was my introduction to Forrest Yoga, and now there’s no turning back. Her focus and encouragement keep me motivated through our sessions, and the results I’m seeing keep me coming back for more.” – Cat Supernavage

Somehow Denise manages to calm and energize me at the same time. She always seems to know what I need — whether it be a more restorative or active practice — and inspires me to appreciate the moment I’m in.” – Robyn S.

Denise is an insightful, spiritually rooted individual who brings her best qualities to her yoga practice. Both my life and
practice have grown from taking her class.
“~Alexandra Foucard