Forrest Fridays at Bend & Bloom: Truth Seeking Series


Come to your mat with the intention of uncovering what truth means for you in this once a month series lead by Denise Hopkins.  Our truth is what is most precious to our heart, no matter what others think or say. Our truth lives in our cel tissue but is often buried by self-doubt.  In these 5 Forrest Yoga classes, we will be journeying through the body’s energy centers (chakras) to to awaken our senses, sweat out toxins and release tension that gets in the way of feeling our bodies.  Integrity, self awareness and playful curiosity will become your new tools in uncovering your own personal truth. REGISTER NOW. (All classes sold separately)

Feb. 13            Get Grounded- Strength building Class/ 1st Chakra
March 6th      Asana to Instinct- Hip Opening/ 2nd Chakra
April 3rd        Embracing Vulnerability-Twists & Forward Bends/ 3rd Chakra
May 15th        Straight from the Heart- Back bending (4th Chakra)
June 5th         Get out of Your Head- Neck & Shoulder Therapy (5 &6th Chakra)

Spring Cleaning Workshop: April 18thdtwisitinglungeedit_opt

Bend & Bloom Yoga, 2:00pm-4:00pm

In this 2 hour class, be ready to cleanse your lymph through intense sweating, wring out your organs with twists, and shake off tension in your hips (the emotional junk drawer of the body). We will use unique abdominal and bhanda work to help stimulate the digestive system and get us feeling strong and centered.