Forrest Fridays at Bend & Bloom: Truth Seeking Series


Come to your mat with the intention of uncovering what truth means for you in this once a month series lead by Denise Hopkins.  Our truth is what is most precious to our heart, no matter what others think or say. Our truth lives in our cel tissue but is often buried by self-doubt.  In these 5 Forrest Yoga classes, we will be journeying through the body’s energy centers (chakras) to to awaken our senses, sweat out toxins and release tension that gets in the way of feeling our bodies.  Integrity, self awareness and playful curiosity will become your new tools in uncovering your own personal truth. REGISTER NOW. (All classes sold separately)

Feb. 13            Get Grounded- Strength building Class/ 1st Chakra
March 6th      Asana to Instinct- Hip Opening/ 2nd Chakra
April 3rd        Embracing Vulnerability-Twists & Forward Bends/ 3rd Chakra
May 15th        Straight from the Heart- Back bending (4th Chakra)
June 5th         Get out of Your Head- Neck & Shoulder Therapy (5 &6th Chakra)

Sweat & Surrender: Ellen Lenson & Denise Hopkinsellen head shot small

The fire of Forrest meets the tranquility of Restorative Yoga.  

Bend & Bloom Yoga

Saturday, May 9th 2:00pm-5:00pm

Denise Hopkins and Ellen Lenson join forces for this class that will set you in motion for staying present and connected in the weeks ahead. Denise will begin with a sweat infused Forrest class releasing the places that feel tense and rigid. Ellen will follow, guiding you into sweet surrender through Restorative yoga- it’s the ultimate way to “let go”. Get ready for lots of hands-on love, as both Ellen and Denise are skilled body and energy workers. Consider it a gift to yourself!
Denise and Ellen have both been teaching nationally for over 7 years. Ellen Lenson is a Forrest teacher as well as a certified Advanced Relax & Renew restorative teacher. She is a lead assistant to Judith Lasater. Her classes are magically hypnotic. Ellen is also a certified massage therapist and Cranial Sacral Therapist with a private practice in New Haven, CT. Ellen’s presence in a room is grounding, nurturing and her passion for healing is always felt. For more on Ellen… Square Bliss

Hands- On Assisting Workshop for Yoga Teachersdeniseleslieassist_zenfolio_opt

Sacred Movement Yoga, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, May 30th/ 9:30am-4:00pm
Refine your teaching and reignite your passion In this one day workshop. This is an excellent opportunity to build confidence in your hands, learn new assists, connect with other teachers in your community. As teachers, it is crucial to take ourselves out of our own box in order to shift perspective, gain new insights and become inspired. We must step outside of ourselves in order to see ourselves. Whether you are a brand new teacher or have been at it for years, you will leave with lots of new tools to incorporate into your teaching and your life.
Learn to touch from a heart felt place
Reverse bad habits of assisting like “drive-by” assists
Build confidence in your hands
Learn ways of working with injuries
All assists will be applicable to any style of yoga