2017 Forrest Fridays at Bend & Bloom  6:30pm-8:00pm

January 20th- Core AwakeningTurnSignalJRBorder

March 10th- Hips & Hamstrings

April 28th- Neck & Shoulder Love

June 23rd- Back Healing


Truth Speaking Series at OM FACTORY, NYCWheelPetrasmall

Taught by Denise, Erica, & Kirsten

Join these senior Forrest Yoga teachers for a series of classes focused on speaking truth.  Truth speaking takes clarity, courage, support, and the ability to listen our own hearts.  Forrest Yoga is about change. It helps us to realize life patterns that we have outgrown and teaches us how to live from a place of heart wisdom.  How?  Deep breathing, feeling strong in our bodies, and connecting to our own personal emotions are all things we can do on our mat. The more confident we become on our mats, the easier it becomes to speak truth in our lives.                                                                                   

Feb 25th with Erica Mather
Clearing out the Racket (core & arm balancing)
April 8th with Kirsten Collins
Connecting to Heart Wisdom (back bends)
May 20th with Denise Hopkins
Taking the Leap (inversions for all levels)  


Sunday, February 26th @ 1:00pm-3:00pm

It is has been said that the hips are the “junk drawer” of the body.  We hold stress, old beliefs patterns, splitsbright_optand difficult emotions there.  When we are stuck in our hips, it can effect how we walk down our life’s path.  Physically, tight hips can contribute to lower back and knee pain. In this intensive class we will open the hips through their full range of motion and begin to unravel tension around the sacrum and hamstrings.  Learn approachable moves that you can do on your own to continue healing places in your hips that feel stuck or numb.  Get ready to ignite fire in your core, build strength in your legs for grounding, breathe new life force into your pelvis, and sweat out old, worn-out belief patterns that are living in your hips!  ALL LEVELS WELCOME.


Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY/ October 13th- 15th, 2017FYNYCFoursomeOmega

Join Denise and her Forrest Yoga New York teaching team (Leslie Pearlman, Erica Mather, and Kirsten Collins) for a weekend of asana focused on creating change in your life.