2016 Forrest Fridays at Bend & Bloom: NEW DATES!


January 15th: Strength Building Intensive

February 19th: Defrost Your Shoulders

March 11th:  Love Up Your Core

April 15th: Back Healing Intensive

May 20th: Spring Cleaning

“Romancing Your Spirit” with Denise & Chantal Hauser

Hip Opening Forrest Yoga Intensive

Saturday, February 13th @ 1:00pm-3:30pm

Cultivate kindness and love for yourself in this class. We tend to be the most critical toward ourselves and not see the beauty in who we are. This can manifest as tension in our cell tissue. Practice loving and accepting your WHOLE self as you work on releasing stuck spots in your hips. Ignite fire in your core, build strength in your legs for grounding, breathe new life force into your pelvis, and sweat out old, worn-out belief patterns that are living in your hips! Spend the afternoon with Denise and Chantal and get to the bottom of who you are and want to become! ABOUT CHANTAL.



Join Leslie, Kirsten, Erica and Denise on January 30th & 31st at Yoga Vida in NYC for a weekend of asana classes, intention setting and community building! REGISTER.


Hands- On Assisting Workshop for Yoga Teachers with Denise Hopkins 

Saturday, March 26th @ 1:00pm-6:00pm/ Cost: $85 (includes materials fee)

Bend & Bloom Yoga

deniseleslieassist_zenfolio_optRefine your teaching and reignite your passion In this one day workshop. This is an excellent opportunity to build confidence in your hands, learn new assists, connect with other teachers in your community. As teachers, it is crucial to take ourselves out of our own box in order to shift perspective, gain new insights and become inspired. We must step outside of ourselves in order to see ourselves. Whether you are a brand new teacher or have been at it for years, you will leave with lots of new tools to incorporate into your teaching and your life.